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Little Things & Co. are a UK based charity offering
practical and emotional support to those who
have suffered the loss of a baby.

Originally named Little Things, the charity was established in 2013 and became a registered charity in February 2016.

Initially created to provide bespoke clothing to tiny babies who had died, Little Things became & Co and has now expanded its services to include support group meetings, a dedicated memorial garden within Derriford hospital, literature and any additional support to relieve the mental suffering of those suffering from bereavement or loss as the charity sees fit.

Our Services

Little Things & Co. help grieving families in various ways. Here are just a few:-

Gentle touches is the collective name we use when helping out the professionals who look after families affected by the death of a child.
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Gentle touches

- our beautiful white peace birds are available to grieving families free of charge to be released at a child's funeral to mark a symbolic goodbye.
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Little White Angels

Still Loved is a community project restoring the graves and resting place of babies who have died long ago.
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Still Loved

a monthly support group for anyone affected by the loss of a baby.
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Safe Haven


'Gentle Touches' - the collective name we use when helping the professionals who look after families affected by the death of a child. We provide items to funeral directors, cemeteries, hospitals and any other professionals in need. From specifically designed baby catafalques, cribs, graveside dressing and various other items to make the time after a death that little gentler.

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Grave dressing

As a bereaved parent one of the most heart-breaking things to have to do is lay your child to rest. Staring into a muddy grave is beyond comprehension. We cannot alter the fact that your child is to be buried, but we can try and make the place of rest a gentler image for you. With our specially designed grave dressing your baby's place of rest will be light, pretty and one of peace and tranquillity. A specially designed timber frame, soft white sheeting, ivy and the flowers of your choice all go a small way to ensuring a difficult occasion is somewhat eased.


Our specially designed cradles are there to allow both parents to carry their child at the funeral. For so long both parents have been unable to carry the coffin of the tiniest babies due to its small size. The cradle ensures both parents can perform this task together, ensuring no one is left out. If as parents you don't feel you can do this other family members can be given the honour. The cradle can also hold flowers, petals and trinkets to personalise it for your baby. The cradle can also be used at a graveside service. Standing on trestles it is a gentler image than placing the coffin directly on the grave or ground.


Our beautiful white peace birds are available to grieving families free of charge to be released at a child's funeral to mark a symbolic goodbye. (NB. within Plymouth and immediate surrounding area).

Available from September 2016

 Download our Little White Angels flyer


Still Loved is a community project restoring the graves and resting place of babies who have died long ago. Sometimes for various reasons graves become unkempt and overgrown. Parents move away, die themselves or sadly cannot attend as they find the task too hard. Still Loved steps in to help and with a team of dedicated volunteers we restore a tidy and respectful resting place.

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We provide bespoke clothing designed to dress babies born too small and too soon, where standard clothing is too big.

Little Things currently provides clothing to 31 hospitals throughout the UK. From the tiniest of cribs for miscarried babies to bespoke outfits for early gestational babies where shop bought clothing is too big. We believe that every child deserves to be dressed with dignity.

Early pregnancy units carry our tiny cribs. Neo natal and maternity units hold our tiny sleepsuits, cardigans and blankets to dress midterm babies. All of our items are lovingly made by our team of experienced knitters, crafters and sewers.

These wonderful ladies are affectionately known as the #angelarmy

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Little Haven was built over a significant 9 month period at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Initially an overgrown wasteland that used to house the Derriford kitchens it was transformed by the team at Little Things & Co. as well as volunteers from the local community. As well as building the garden it allowed bereaved families to come together and talk about their losses. Officially opened in July 2015 by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth it now provides a calm, tranquil space for families to visit. A memory lane of pebbles has been created with each stone bearing the name of a child gone too soon.

To place a pebble yourself or if you would like us to prepare one for you please get in touch

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Details on our upcoming news and events and
how you can get involved and help Little Things & Co.

30DEC 2019

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7July 2017

Mark Rogers helps Little Things

17OCT 2016

Little Haven Wave of light

22JULY 2016

Launch Event

17JULY 2016

Productive day at Little Haven


A monthly support group for anyone affected by the loss of a baby. The group is a secure, confidential and friendly setting to talk openly with others who have experienced the death of a baby regardless of circumstance.

The meeting is informal and friendly and aims to be a safe and welcoming environment to share with other bereaved families. It is not designed as a counselling session but as somewhere to go and spend time with other people who understand the pain of baby loss. (Although one on one counselling is not available we can recommend other agencies to suit your needs).

Our meetings are in a group setting and participation is entirely up to the individual. If you would like to share your story you can, however if you wish to attend and listen everyone is welcome.

All types of loss are discussed. The loss of a baby is often complex and all scenarios are embraced and equal. Miscarriage, neonatal and medical termination are some of the many issues our members are affected by and no judgement is ever made. No loss is greater than another and at the meetings we encourage anyone who has been touched by the loss of a baby to attend. You don't have to be the baby's parent to attend and grandparents, siblings and anyone else affected are welcomed.

Time is not a factor either and whether your loss was last week, last year or last century everyone is welcome. Sometimes we just have a cup of tea and cake but find even this simple act shared with others who understand can help a difficult day just a little easier. Support Group meetings are held at Harewood House, Plympton from 6pm-8pm on the Second Tuesday of the month, starting from 9th August.

Safe Haven is a group setting and individual counselling is not offered. However if you feel you need one on one help please contact

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Our Commitment to You

We recognise the sensitivity of our work and the need to assure the privacy and security of all who come in to contact with us. To that end, Little Things & Co. are committed to ensuring protection of all personal information that we hold, and to provide disclosure of such with verifiable authorisation from an individual, organisation or recognised authority. We recognise our obligations in updating and expanding this programme to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Little Things & Co. are dedicated to safeguarding personal information under our control through qualified technical advice and support, by following rigorous in-house procedures, and in maintaining a system that meets our obligations under the new GDPR regulations. Our full GDPR and Data Protection Policy statement can be found below.

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Little Things & Co. - Registered Charity: 1165463

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